special medium


Liquid media provide essential nutrients for cells growing in vitro. Besides classic media, which are manufactured according to the originally published formula, Elite Biotech has been developed novel, research-driven innovative formula for specific cell types.

Special media for tumor cells, for hybridomacells and for CHO (chinese hamster ovary) cells are now available. And we are expanding further products to meet demanding customers from academy and from industry. 

Using our special media has been proven to be an efficient way to assure successful cell growth.

Elite Biotech presents:

Special medium


Cat. No.

Tumor cells

500 ml

Tumor Booster

Hybridoma cells

500 ml

Hybridoma Booster

CHO cells

500 ml

CHO Booster

Lymphoblast cells

500 ml

Lympho Booster

Fibroblast cells

500 ml

Fibro Booster


scientists from German Cancer Research Center (Deusches Krebs Forschungszentrum, DKFZ), please cite 35422 when place an order via internal "BANF" system for convenience.